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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Burnt Offerings

On Wednsday, March 8th, three Birmingham, Alabama-area college students, all from upscale families and students at a private, religious-based college, were arrested for allegedly setting nine rural Baptist churches on fire in February.

According to court documents filed in Alabama, Russell Lee DeBusk Jr., 19, Benjamin Nathan Moseley, 19, and Mathew Lee Cloyd, 20, say they set five small, isolated churches about 50 miles southwest of their Birmingham homes ablaze Feb. 3. The boys then set four similar churches on fire Feb. 7 some 100 miles west of Birmingham to try to throw investigators off any clues. Their defense attorney is claiming it was only a "joke" after a night of hunting and drinking.

Only a fool would believe such a ridiculous story such as this, considering the sophistication and accelerant materials used to start the blazes. These fires were blatant acts of terror based on hatred. We have every reason to believe the fires were religiously motivated, which of course, has not been mentioned in the Mainstream Media, possibly due to the boy's Talmudic backgrounds, or the fact that Moseley and Debusk, according to their friends, were self-proclaimed Satanists.

Why is the media playing this down? Attributing it to just some foolish childhood prank. Why have they gone silent, now that the "young men" are in custody? These three have caused millions of dollars in damage and have put entire communities in the state of fear. Could they have been influenced by recent hostile remarks made by ADL chairman Abe Foxman?

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

The idea of the Southern Baptist Convention using a so-called Jewish messianic group – which misrepresents two faiths – to target Jews for conversion is disgraceful, insulting and dangerous.

We are outraged over the continuing efforts by the Southern Baptist Convention to target Jews for conversion, especially by considering 'deputizing' a Jewish Messianic group, part of a deceptive movement that falsely claims they are interested in Jewish practices when the real goal is to convert Jews to Christianity. These efforts should be stopped once and for all.

Together with the establishment last year of an institute aimed at teaching Baptist leaders how to minister to Jews, the Southern Baptist leadership continues to show its disrespect and disregard for the validity of Judaism and the Jewish people.

According to the Charleston, S.C.,-based National Coalition for Burned Churches, from 1990 to 2000, some 1,507 churches burned and were labeled either arson, attempted arson, suspicious or undetermined. From 2000 to 2006, the coalition documented a "minimum" number of 600 church burnings.

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